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Hello and welcome to GypsyScribe and DIY Personal Growth. Sounds a bit utilitarian? I agree that the words aren't the prettiest. But… Really, what better way to guide your own Personal Growth than to introduce others' ideas through reading and allow yourself to ponder?

"You find a way to carry on as the skilled listener leads you to your own wisdom and you clearly see your own compassion, relieving your exhausted soul and carrying on your way." Julie Taylor

Allow your reading to be your skilled listener. There are times when there is no substitute for a real, in-person, counselling relationship but much of the time I believe that you can do this yourself and with the addition of much more affordable email or Skype sessions.

Counselling is said to be "bringing the unconscious into consciousness".

What does that mean?

To me, simply, it's cutting the puppet strings from our past so that when I raise my arm to say 'stop', it is me raising my arm and not a ghost from my past. I want to be able to see clearly and choose, with love, my own actions. Together we can identify your 'ghosts' and help them find a comfortable place to rest; in the past.

The neat thing is, everywhere I look and sooner or later, I find people have all the knowledge they need within their own subconscious to overcome their own issues and when, by skilled listening, a counsellor reflects to you what you've said,  so that you can see it clearly, there's an excellent chance you'll find the answer you need. Trust Oriented Therapy or TOT seems to be a good way of getting to that place.

There are other invaluable tools - NVC and Imago - that provide a great foundation for exploring your own subconscious and which, I believe, make it easier and quicker to put what you discover into practice.  In my practice (and for myself) I use NVC and Imago, glued together with TOT.

When you behold another with the eyes of love, you see your own magnificence too.
Lee Jampolsky

Welcome to the place where you can get to know yourself better...

Reconnect with your 'self' and your experiences and live your life connected and with purpose. Never need to spend another $dime on counselling again with DIY counselling... (Although a few sessions here and there will certainly add to your experience.)

  • Have you become 'disconnected' - from your life and from yourself?
  • Are you no longer sure of what you want in life?
  • What career would suit you best?
  • What is stress, that we hear so much about?
  • How is stress linked to physical and mental complaints?
  • How can you be happy when you feel like you do?
  • What is a soulmate?  Or are you better off living alone?

Learn to weave together those vital parts of yourself so that you can live more authentically and more successfully now with DIY Counselling.

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It's been my pleasure (of course!) to travel for the last 2 years (and one more to come!) to write the content for this website (and a book to come).  I hoped that travelling would enable me to make sense of some of what I was thinking - and it did! 

These pages record some of my personal insights as I travel North America and Canada, over 2 or 3 years, making sense of and connecting my personal and professional experiences of the last 20+ years and using my experience as a professional counsellor for DIY Counsellor.

For me, I've waited my whole life to be able to do something 'totally irresponsible' like this!  (Now... Where did I learn to be judgmental like that?!)  Judgements - or 'shoulds' - are never helpful, by the way!  And of course what feels 'irresponsible' is, in fact, very responsible because it will lead to a better and more purposeful life for all of us.

Being a gypsy for the last couple of years is everything I've always wanted to do: to take my experience and connect it with your life (and my own) and make better sense of it!  Every client I saw as a counsellor had a story that was both unique and that also fit into mine and every other life. Amazing?

My own experiences benefitted every client and every client benefitted my own experience. 

Instinctively I knew that there was a connection here and that if I could only find it, we would all benefit...  So GypsyScribe, DIY Counselling, was born.  And like most pregnancies, for the past few months although I've known that something would be born, I didn't know exactly how that would look?

I want to link what I learned - personally and professionally from clients - to the practical everyday lives of all of us.

Bookmark this site and read just one page a day, start your own journalling at the same time...  And your journey of reconnection has started.

Perhaps reading these words might jog your own musings and re-connections? When I was busy raising kids, working, doing laundry etc, it was very easy for 'life' to slip by unprocessed? This is an attempt to go over those experiences and make sure I don't waste a drop. It is also an opportunity for me to 'connect the dots' and offer you do-it-yourself DIY Counselling that you can start in your own home, right now... 

Start by reading these pages; start your own journal and write a few lines to sum up each day; read about ConnectionCue and RelationshipCue cards and you're on your way to being your own counsellor.

Sometimes, for me, reading someone else's words has a similar effect to putting a drop of oil on the cogs in my own memory and I would like to do that for you.  Read these pages and start to write in your own journal.

There is a wonderful invitation in the Bahai'i writings that invites children to go over their day, every day, before sleeping. What a beautiful opportunity to slow the world down and focus clearly on ourself for a moment, that we might consciously see, feel and debrief our experiences. What an opportunity to 'sit with' our day and reconnect with ourselves. As a child of God this includes me, whatever my age, race or religion.

This is the digitization of 'me'... My one, human, experience which I hope will lead you to 'you'.

As a good friend of mine pointed out today "enjoy life as you see it" - reminding me that everyone perceives things through the veil of his own experience.  There is no right or wrong observation. Journalling is a fabulous tool and I hope writing will allow me to debrief my own life and, at the same time, nudge your thoughts into your own consciousness and on to the pages of your own journal.

I look forward to 'seeing' you soon, through reading your feedback and comments.

With love and wishing you the most beautiful day you can imagine,